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International Cuisine and Restaurants Near Your Miami Hotel

While on vacation in Miami, explore local cuisine and take your taste buds on an International adventure. The location of your Comfort Suites® Miami hotel gives you the flexibility to savor the most exotic food in Miami. Argentinian, Cuban, Colombian, and Italian cuisines are some of the local favorites. Most ethnic restaurants in Miami are family-owned businesses which started small and quickly multiplied to create mini franchises in the area. American sport grills and barbecue houses are also popular along with all the bigger American franchises like Checkers, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Quiznos, but let’s take a closer look at the International cuisine in Miami.

Argentinian cuisine can be described as a cultural blending of Mediterranean influences (such as those created by Italian and Spanish traditions) within the wide scope of livestock and agricultural products that are abundant in the country. No other dish more genuinely matches the national identity than asado (the Argentine barbecue). Nevertheless, the country's vast area, and its cultural diversity, has led to a local cuisine of various dishes that are still gaining popularity around the world.

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, African, and Caribbean traditions. Cuban recipes share techniques and spices with Spanish and African cooking, along with some Caribbean influences in spice and flavor. The results are a unique and flavorful blend of several different cultural influences, with strong similarities to the cuisine of neighboring Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. A small but noteworthy Chinese culinary influence can also be noted, mainly in the Havana area.

Colombian cuisine includes the cooking traditions and practices of the native land and its Caribbean shoreline, Pacific coast, mountains, jungle, and ranch lands. Colombian cuisine varies regionally and is influenced by Spanish, African, Arab and some Asian traditions. Colombian coffee is also renowned worldwide for its prestigious high quality.

Italian cuisine is heavily influenced by Etruscan, ancient Greek, ancient Roman, Byzantine, and Jewish traditions. Significant changes occurred during the discovery of the New World with the introduction of items such as potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and maize, now central to the cuisine but not introduced in quantity until the 18th century. Italian cuisine is noted for its regional diversity, abundance of difference in taste, and is known to be one of the most popular types of food in the world.

International Restaurants in Miami

Graziano’s Restaurant (Argentinian Steakhouse)
This family-owned Argentinian restaurant in Miami opened its first location on the renowned Bird Road in 1991. Graziano’s prides itself in being recognized as the best Argentine steakhouse in town, offering a wide variety of meat cuts cooked either on the grill or slowly roasted meat over Quebracho wood.

Web Site: http://www.grazianosgroup.com/Restaurant
Menu: http://www.grazianosgroup.com/Restaurant/ourmenu.php

La Carreta (Cuban Cuisine)
As a family-owned, Cuban restaurant in Miami, La Carreta is a staple of the old Cuba’s family dinning traditions of “abuela style” food and famously authentic Cuban espresso. With more than 9 locations, thousands of Miami locals and tourists are served authentic Cuban food and coffee daily.

Web Site: http://www.lacarreta.com
Menu: http://lacarreta.com/menu

Los Arrieros (Colombian Cuisine)
Los Arrieros is a Colombian restaurant in Miami that specializes in the cuisine of La Zona Cafetera, the mountainous coffee-growing region of central Colombia that includes the cities of Medellín and Manizales. The menu's highlights include a savory sancocho, a clear soup loaded with gallina (hen), chunks of green plantain, potato, and yuca, seasoned with fresh cilantro. Immerse yourself in "la experiencia de la comida paisa."

Web Site: http://www.aiyellow.com/losarrierosrestaurante
Menu: N/A

Nunzio's Italian Restaurant (Italian Cuisine)
If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Miami, Nunzio's is the place to go. This quaint little restaurant is owned by an Italian family. Mom and Pop are the ones doing the cooking and the rest of the family is taking care of the front. This Miami restaurant offers excellent food and friendly service. 

Web Site: http://southflorida.menupages.com/restaurants/nunzios-ristorante
Menu: http://southflorida.menupages.com/restaurants/nunzios-ristorante/menu

Sergio's Restaurant (Cuban Cuisine)
At Sergio's, cooking starts with a philosophy, "Simple, Fresh & Homemade". By using only the freshest ingredients & combining their homemade recipes with today's best food ideas, Sergio's is able to serve authentic Cuban cuisine in Miami. Every time you visit Sergio's you will experience the same sensation you had when mom cooked your favorite meals at home.

Web Site: http://www.sergios.com
Menu: http://www.sergios.com/food-menu.html

American Grills in Miami

Shorty’s BBQ
Shorty's BBQ restaurants and catering service have been serving up barbecue in Miami for over 60 years! Their news-making and award-winning caterers and cooks take great pride in providing the finest in quality foods and professional service.

Web Site: http://www.shortys.com
Menu: http://www.shortys.com/dade_broward_menu.php

Sports Grill
For over 20 years, Sports Grill in Miami has satisfied local appetites with reasonably priced cuisine, served in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re an avid sports fan coming to cheer your favorite team or just stopping by to enjoy some old favorites, their menu and friendly staff will provide you with a dining experience you won’t forget.

Web Site: http://www.sportsgrillmiami.com
Menu: http://www.sportsgrillmiami.com/menu/sunset-menu

Fast Food in Miami

The home for burgers, fries, cola, wings, fish, hot dogs, the Big Chicken and more, Checkers is Miami fast food at its best. Their burgers are made of 100% Beef and served hot, juicy and fully loaded with flavor.

Web Site: http://www.checkers.com
Menu: http://www.checkers.com/food/full_menu

Dunkin' Donuts
With over 2,600 stores in 30 countries outside of the U.S., Dunkin' Donuts has been serving loyal customers around the globe for over 27 years. During your Miami vacation, you can count on Dunkin' Donuts for delicious coffee and espresso, cool Coolatta®, delectable donuts, sandwiches and more.

Web Site: http://www.dunkindonuts.com
Menu: http://www.dunkindonuts.com/content/dunkindonuts/en/menu.html

Can you imagine a world without the Big Mac? Or Chicken McNuggets? Or Happy Meals? It’s all because of a man named Ray Kroc who discovered a small burger restaurant in California back in 1954. From that humble start as a small restaurant, McDonald’s has become one of the world’s largest food service retailers and a leader of fast food in Miami.

Web Site: http://www.mcdonalds.com
Menu: http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/full_menu_explorer.html

Pizza Hut
When it comes to tossing around dough, no one does it like Pizza Hut. When looking for pizza in Miami, order online for fast delivery or drop by for carryout. You can also contact Pizza Hut and find out about their catering services.

Web Site: http://www.pizzahut.com
Menu: http://www.pizzahut.com/pizza.html

Quiznos Subs
Quiznos offers over 25 chef-inspired menu items, including grilled flatbreads, salads and wraps, and sub sliders. When in the mood for sandwiches in Miami, treat yourself to their all-natural chicken, freshly sliced deli meats and artisan breads and cheeses. Quiznos is the perfect answer to your lunchtime craving.

Web Site: http://www.quiznos.com
Menu: http://www.quiznos.com/Menu/restaurant-menu.aspx

Your Comfort Suites® Miami hotel is conveniently located near a wide assortment of Miami restaurants which offer exotic culinary experiences for all tastes. With such diverse cultural influences and traditions surrounding the city, you will always find an adventure awaiting your taste buds.